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We are so excited to be a part of this dope international project… CUCUSONIC album is out NOW on vinyl & digital release via @thevinylfactory ! Cucusonic is an album created by a collaborative collective of Colombian bio-scientists, anthropologists, and musicians – partnered with @officialuom ‘s Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology’ and @in_place_of_war

Featuring artists @brianeno @kingbraev @coldcutofficial @darpermusic @ferisella @officialfingathing @iggor_cavalera @kate_simko @kyongpaul @laimaleyton @waremartyn @matthewdear Me, Charles, Mexican Institute Of Sound, Osunlade, @djpho The Pulse Diaries and Yãdú, the album celebrates and draws attention to the local and global importance of the biodiversity of Colombia, by translating natural soundscape recordings and bioacoustic data into new music.

On the making of ‘After Dark’: Sneaky had been working on a string arrangement inspired by bat calls. At the same time Parker was playing with bat samples at ultra low/slow pitches, making them almost birdlike, haunting and melodic. The samples became part of his beat patterns and combined with Sneaky’s strings perfectly with very little editing. A similar thing happened with the frogs. After falling in love with their calls too, Parker was inspired to gather more samples. He found the funk of the frogs fit perfectly with some of Sneaky’s other string parts. Bats & frogs were now part of the band! Throw in a lizard for good measure and ‘After Dark’ was born.

Listen here

Its release coincides with @cop26uk , the 26th UN Climate Change Conference which is being hosted by the UK in Glasgow this weekend. The vinyl release is 100% recycled – made from recycled PVC pellets and 100% recycled sleeves ? ? ?. We are honoured to have been picked to represent the project and visit Columbia in May 2022. More info on that to follow.

Buy the album HERE

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Here’s a playlist we made that massages the theme dictated by our latest single release After Dark. A taste of our taste including friends and family

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