The most unique band in the universe.

An award winning turntablist, a classically trained double bass player and a critically acclaimed illustrator/animator. This is Fingathing, from Manchester UK. A band like no other..

Conceived in 1997 when award-winning turntablist Peter Parker met classically trained double bassist and jazz head Sneaky and instantly hit it off.  Making music in a way that had never been tried before; using just one turntable and the bass to produce seriously block-rocking power grooves. Adding the warped visuals from illustrator/animator Chris Drury and Fingathing, from Manchester UK, was born.

Shortly after cutting their teeth touring the world with the 12 piece Northern Sulphuric Soulsters Rae & Christian live band, during which time Sneaky recorded the killer double bass on Mr Scruff’s ‘Get a Move On’, Fingathing released their debut LP The Main Event, a concept album, which was released November 2000.

“…. a team of mutants formed from the digits of our ancestors gang together and wrestle their way through the cities of the world. Intent on testing the limits of human interaction…Mayhem and chaos transpires…”

The LP featuring DJ Noize, Mr Scruff and Grand Central chanteuse Veba,  was co produced by James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) and received critical acclaim (8/10 NME) and a tour schedule that took them as far as Russia, Africa, USA, Latvia and most of Europe, gaining them a huge underground cult following.

2002 saw the release of ‘Superhero Music’ a second concept album which which took listeners even deeper into the bizarre world of Fingathing:

“Out of the chaos concept of The Main Event “Two flying carpets of sound” Superheroes and Supervillains emerge… society is slowly but surely being brainwashed into siding with an evil corporation led by Hogboss and his supervillain army. Tracking and Conditioning Implants soon become commonplace and he quickly gains almost full global control.  Our heroes PP and S start playing their music at underground meet ups. Unwittingly creating an energy that burns deep with their fellow humans, somehow unlocking a latent superhero potential…. An uprising is inevitable…”

Illustrator Chris Drury’s rag tag collection of characters had grown and mutated and featured heavily in the album artwork; new characters with names and backstories including Mr Fist, who starred in The Main Event, took centre stage again along with sonic guitar wielding Bloody Mary.  The title track was celebrated with a full-length animated video produced by Drury and to top it all DJ Shadow personally asked them to support him on his UK tour.

The third LP: ’Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band’ released in 2004 took up where Superhero Music had left off as Mr Fist explains:

“After releasing the corpses of Parker and Sneak to the mercy of the Sun, I was drawn to the barren plains of an unfamiliar planet. It became clear that Fingathing had somehow found themselves within this parrallel universe, and they were not alone….”

Co Produced again by James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) this 3rd concept album solidified Fingathing’s reputation as a heavyweight outfit with NME delivering another 8/10 review.  In 2006 the band worked with legendry label Ninja Tune who released their reworking of Apache on limited edition 7” vinyl and  they self released the ’Apocalypso EP.

After 3 Fingathing albums in 4 years it was time for the band to explore their own creative geniuses. Sneaky moved to Berlin to develop his own craft and made his first solo album from there in 2009 “Feel Like A King… Pluck A String” complete with a live show (Bass and Drums) which he toured for several years all over Europe. He forged meaningful projects and collaborations with the likes of Graciela Maria, Robot Koch and RQM and formed an acoustic trio called Oui D’Accord. He released his second solo album “Amethyst Glory” in 2019.

In 2010 Parker released the 7” ‘Deadly DIY’ under the moniker Parkertron and in 2012 he worked with Jesca Hoop on her progressive and experimental album ‘The House That Jack Built’ as a Music Director for the live show, focusing on MPC production.  The 10 date European tour climaxed with a performance at David Lynch’s infamous Silencio club in Paris. Although now living in different countries the band still worked together releasing the ‘Return Of The Thing’ EP in 2014, which was co-produced by Sirconical and included a UK tour.  The UK based Tru Thoughts label released Fingathing’s reworking of the Georgio Moroder classic ‘I Feel Love’ featuring Jesca Hoop on guest vocals in summer 2015. 

The year is 2020, it has been 20 years since The Main Event was released. At the end of ‘Fingathing and The Big Red Nebula Band’ Did Parker and Sneaky ‘Return to ERT’ like the final track suggests?  did they crash land? did they survive? Did they fake their own death? So many questions remained unanswered…suffice to say, they made it – and they have a plan…


  • Instrumental HipHop/Jazz/Space Duo
  • “Fingathing sound like Afrika Bambaataa enjoying an audio tussle with John Carpenter at a turntablist battle – on Jupiter.” Tony Naylor, NME
  • Formed in Manchester, UK in 1999
  • Band members : Peter Parker and Sneaky
  • Turntable, MPC drum machine and Bass
  • Artwork and Visuals by Chris Drury