#letthemusicplay is a new movement in support of the live music industry currently under threat…Below is an outline of the issues related specifically to the UK scene but obviously it is a worldwide issue. We (FINGATHING) live for playing LIVE and even though admittedly it has been a long time since we as a band have done so… we are hungry to perform on stages again and actually we had some shows lined up this year! which we have recently had to postpone and rethink. It’s a changing landscape but the fact remains live music and club culture is too important to be brushed aside and together we need to find solutions.. the support of Governments, councils and authorities is essential.

Dear Friends,
Covid 19 is decimating the UK’s thriving live music industry. This is not just about the musicians but about the sound engineers, lighting engineers, drivers, tour managers, venue staff, festival staff, door staff and promoters big and small who earn their living in one of the UK most important industries.

We are calling on the government to urgently support this vital industry and #LetTheMusicPlay


Here are some facts:

· An estimated 30-50% of the live music industry’s workforce are facing unemployment, leading to a catastrophic loss of skills.
· The UK is home to the most popular arenas in the world yet they are set to lose five million visitors due to COVID-19.
· Music festivals support 85,000 jobs, but with the entire summer cancelled, many are currently facing collapse with 59% redundancies expected across the sector without further support.
· 90% of grassroots music venues are under threat of closure. We are supporting the Music Venue Trust’s calls for a £50 million cash injection to ensure vital parts of the music industry do not go out of business.
· The core live music industry generates £1.1 billion to the economy and impacts other parts of the economy including tourism to the tune of £4.5 billion and supported 210,000 jobs across the country.
· Live music needs VAT relief on future ticket sales. It would save the live music industry up to £300 million each year and hugely help in its recovery.
· Music plays an important role to the economy. UK concert-goers spend almost double on live music events than those in France and Italy combined.
· The UK live music industry is the second biggest in the world but is at risk of falling behind. Following COVID-19 the German government has provided €150 million to its live music industry.

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