an evening in a Museum with Fingathing

This is happening…

10 of our amphibious Costa Rican buddies honoured us by guesting on our new track “Frogspit”. Official release is in a few days (22nd September). We can’t wait for you to hear it,so if you really can’t wait til it pops up on Spotify and the like then you can ear it on our Bandcamp site right now!

And we will be performing this track and a few others LIVE in Manchester Museum on 27th September. That’s the full crew of Peter Parker, Sneaky and Chris “Cavetroll” Drury. We can’t quite believe it’s happening ourselves, but it is! and we are mad excited about it. If you are in or around Manchester next week DO NOT MISS THIS! Book your FREE tickets HERE

Below is one of the stars of the track chillin on his fave leaf after the long session.

ladies and gentlemen… the red eyed leaf frog!


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